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The project has been co-financed by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the European Commission under the Grant Programme EDEN: GRO/SME/18/C/065 - Selection 2019 – «Health and well-being tourism»

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Winning Destination


One of the most popular forms of alternative tourism is the one that concerns health and wellness. The winning destination for the "Health and Well-being Tourism" competition is the Community of Miliou.
The village of Miliou provides a unique travel experience that combines wellness, relaxation and exploration of an idyllic and peaceful environment. It is a small, quiet and beautiful village hidden among the orange trees. The Community buildings retain the local architecture, while a traditional café and a local picturesque tavern are at the village’s main square. The tavern is in a renovated building from 1847. It is worth noting that the Community of Miliou is a member of the Green Cities and Green Communities Network of CYCERE.

Miliou has been known for the therapeutic healing water that is available in the area. It is said that in the 17th century, two brothers who were healers, Cosmas and Damianos, discovered the healing properties of the water that was flowing into the area.

The thermal spring water, in addition to the spiritual rejuvenation and the sense of enjoyment, is also recommended for people who are suffering from chronic problems such as various skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, arthritis and more.

The Community of Miliou is ideal for unique and unforgettable experiences: from high quality health and wellness services offered by the tourist resort operating in the area (e.g. hydrotherapy, mud bath therapy, facial and body treatments, various types of massage, reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy, slimming treatments, detox and dietitian programs) to exploring the chapels in the village and other ruins from previous centuries (olive mill, watermill), nature hiking, bird watching, tasting local delicacies and wines satisfying even the most demanding visitor. For the last few years, every September, the Orange Festival has been successfully organized, offering various orange derivatives.

Miliou offers a peaceful oasis and moments of total relaxation to those who wish to escape from stress and the routine of everyday life.


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