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This project has been co-financed by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the European Commission under the Grant Programme, COS-WP2014-3-15.01- Selection 2014 “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”.

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The Winning Destination

The winning destination for EDEN VII Programme on “Tourism and Local Gastronomy” will be selected by the Evaluation Committee since will meet the specific conditions mentioned in the evaluation process.

The selection will be for a unique destination in Cyprus and this is an important opportunity for the promotion and the development of the area. For this reason, the selection procedure focuses on the destinations that manage the tourist offer in a way that insures the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of the area. The winning destination will be the one that reflects, in the best way, tourist experience and environmental sensitive sustainability on “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”.

The EDEN VII winning destination as well as the runners up will be promoted extensively in Cyprus and worldwide:

  • Preparation of informational brochure concerning the winner destination and the reasons that comprise it as a point of interest on the Tourism and Local Gastronomy, while enhancing the natural beauty of the destination, the management and the protection of the environment, the available tourism facilities, the local customs, the recreational activities and events. Moreover, the brochure will provide details concerning contact destination, map and directions, environment, areas of interest, Museums, accommodation facilities, etc. The brochure will be distributed in Cyprus and internationally.
  • The winning destination and the runners up will be promoted by CTO through tourist offices worldwide and through other public relations work (e.g. articles in the press, presentations on media).
  • The selected destination and the runners up will be present on the CTO webpage and the site prepared for the project (
  • The selected destination and the runners up will be promoted at European level by the Tourism Unit of the European Committee along with the other European winner destinations.
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