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This project has been co-financed by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the European Commission under the Grant Programme, COS-WP2014-3-15.01- Selection 2014 “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”.

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Eligibility Criteria

1. General Award Criteria

The key objective of the project is to select a Destination of Excellence in Cyprus which will be in line with the Commission’s theme of excellence, which is “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”. More specifically, EDEN VII aims to reward those destinations which have developed a tourism offer based on an overall approach to the local gastronomy of the area.

According to the EU Guidelines, the eligible destinations will need to comply with the general aim of the EDEN VII European Programme and with the general award criteria. The overall aim of the initiative is “to draw attention to the value, diversity and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations and to promote destinations where the economic growth objective is pursued in such a way as to ensure the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of tourism”. Therefore, the eligible destinations will need to consult the general award criteria as well as the basic requirements in order to be related with the purpose and the concept of the EDEN VII European Programme.

The specific requirement is that the tourist offer should have been run from 2012 to be eligible for the national competition on the “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”. Moreover, the previous awarded EDEN destinations are not eligible unless they are part of a larger region, as well as areas under a Province’s administration.

The beneficiaries in the competition on the “Tourism and Local Gastronomy” are entities that can represent the eligible destinations and are set as follows:

(á) Local authorities,

(b) Groups of local authorities (e.g. Union of Communities),

(c) Other entities in which the local authorities participate or are represented (e.g. District Development Agencies and Tourism Development and Promotion District Agencies).

Moreover, the candidates should meet at least 4 of the 5 specifications that each of the General Award Criteria is analyzed on the Table 1 of the General Award Criteria Evaluation Form. The General Award Criteria will require that destinations:

  • Are emerging and “non-traditional”. The European Commission describes this as a destination where the visitor density ranges from “low” to “very low” in comparison to the national average1.
  • Offer authentic tourism experiences (e.g. a sense of place shall be embedded across all activities).
  • Have local authorities with a capacity in managing the tourist offer in a way to ensure its social, cultural and environmental sustainability. (e.g. an effective committee shall be responsible for a coordinated approach to destination marketing and sustainable tourism with involvement of the private and public sector and having a sustainable destination development strategy).
  • Have administrative efficiency and cooperation between public and private entities.
  • Have agencies, NGOs or local authorities with a capacity in adopting sustainable tourism practices.

2. Specific Award Criteria

The Specific Quality Criteria which have been finalized by the Management Committee of the project have been determined according to the aforementioned General Award Criteria and the overall aim of the EU initiative.

Specifically, a tourist offer can be evaluated as eligible under the framework of the EDEN VII Programme “Tourism and Local Gastronomy” if receives at least 50% of the total score of the Specific Award Criteria evaluation. The tourist offer should give all the information needed and fill in the Application Form concerning the six (6) Specific Award Criteria on the “Local Gastronomy” that are analysed on the Table 2 of the Specific Award Criteria Evaluation Form. The Specific Award Criteria concern:


1. The area includes:

  • A geographic area that is currently or potentially attractive to visitors/tourists,
  • The geographic area shall cover (at least) one municipality or more (contiguous) municipalities,
  • A place or area which is recognised and can easily be defined as a visitor destination and has a range of facilities and products in place for tourism purposes,
  • A place or area which is promoted as a destination,
  • A place or area where it is possible to measure the supply of and demand for tourism services i.e. the visitor economy.
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